UK leans on faithful flexible friends

Six million credit card holders in the UK – more than ten per cent of the population – say that their best rate plastic has rescued them from disaster one at least one occasion.

Almost five million said that quick and convenient access to cash has got them out of a sticky situation in the UK, and almost three and a half million said that they have been “saved” by their cards abroad.

Seven million told the Capital One survey that their flexible friend was the most important addition to their wallet, ahead of driving licences, condoms and photos.

“I recently broke both my wrists, at separate times on a snowboarding holiday in France, which meant two lots of X-rays and two lots of medical bills to pay for,” said Laura Buckley, a media executive from London.

“I would have been lost without my credit card, and when it came to paying, was so grateful for chip and pin, because I was fine pointing to the numbers on the key pad with my index finger, but signing my name would have been a nightmare.”

Credit card companies have also stepped in to provide card holders with emergency legal assistance and interpretation services for people in a spot of bother abroad.

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