Two monthsí free energy on new EON tariff comes at a price

EON, the leading energy supplier, have recently unveiled their latest master plan to entice consumers. However, the deal which may initially seem attractive could have a number of potential flaws.

The energy firm has launched a new ìEnergy Fit Planî tariff that comes with a free energy monitor, free online energy advice and two monthsí worth of free energy.

There are only two drawbacks. It is not their cheapest tariff and you have to stay for two years to qualify for the full offer. The free energy is calculated after the first 12 months of the contract, which is when customers will receive one month worth of free energy. Customers will receive the second month of free energy after the end of the second year.

Tom Lyon, Energy Expert at uSwitch said; ìAfter the most recent round of price hikes many will breathe a sigh of relief at the prospect of two months’ free energy over the next two years. This is the equivalent of an 8.3% discount on the average bill, which is more generous than the discount many customers who pay by direct debit could receive.î

EON customers could lose some of their free energy entitlement if they leave the plan early. With more competitive plans emerging on a regular basis within the whole market, the EON plan may appear to be a lengthy commitment.

ìThere are more competitive plans on the market. Consumers should make sure the plan suits their needs before signing on the dotted line,î continued Mr Lyon.

The plan costs £1,150 per year on average, which is £105 more than the cheapest plan on the market. According to a leading price comparison website it is Scottish Powerís online Energy Saver 16 plan that takes the title of ëcheapestí deal, costing an average of £1,045 a year.

Speaking to This is Money, a spokesman for EON said; ìE.ON Energy Fit Plan is not E.ONís cheapest product, but it does offer people choice and a different way of paying which is what our customers told us they would like.í

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