Travelling abroad? Find out the best card to take

Planning a holiday this year to sunnier climes?  Everyone enjoys getting away from it all in the summer months to relax and de-stress from pressures at home, and to spend some quality time with their loved ones.

There can be quite a lot of planning however before taking such a trip, with travel insurance and travel money coming top of the list after the flights and hotel is booked.

Take a look at the cards to take abroad with you this year, to save on costly interest fees and charges which can often bump up the cost of holidays significantly.

Prepaid Travel Cards

Prepaid travel cards are a great way to carry your holiday money abroad.  You do not have to carry cash around with you and you can easily cancel them if they get lost or stolen abroad.

While they do not offer the best rates on the market which some top credit cards do, they are a safe and secure way of carrying money abroad if you would rather not take out another credit card just for the occasion, or you have bad credit and are unable to be accepted for one.

The card user simply buys the currency and loads the amount they want to take abroad with them and it can be used to make purchases in shops and restaurants like most debit and credit cards.

ï Phones 4 U Travel Money Card

This prepaid card from Phones 4 U offers holidaymakers who require Euros a MasterCard card for £9.99, or free should they load £100 in the first 90 days.  There are no commission fees, transaction fees, and EU ATM fees are 0 percent too.

ï FairFX Anywhere Card

FairFX also offers holidaymakers a good deal with their Anywhere Card.  The card is free subject to a £10 minimum load required.  Other than 1.5 percent transaction fees in the EU the card is free, and is one of the most popular travel money cards on the market.

Credit Cards

Both credit and debit cards can be a costly way of spending abroad, depending on the provider, they can often charge interest rate fees and charge Brits for cash withdrawals.

However, choose the right credit card and this can often be the best way to spend your money abroad.

ï Halifax Clarity

This is at the top of all best buy tables at the moment, offering holidaymakers 0 percent interest on foreign exchange fees.   The card can be used wherever you are going this year, and you will not be charged for withdrawing cash abroad either, although there will be interest added.

ï Santander Zero

If you are a Santander current account customer then this Santander Zero is another good choice.

Not only do customers receive fee free exchange for balance transfers, but 0 percent foreign exchange fees for any transaction made abroad.

There is also a 0 percent cash advance fee when cash is withdrawn from an ATM in the UK or abroad.



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