Travellers warned on personal info

As the holiday season gets underway, MyCallcredit has warned travellers to keep their personal information secure to ensure they don’t allow fraud to ruin their trip.

Most will have the impression that fraud is a domestic risk and that they are relatively risk-free on holiday, but £82.8 million was defrauded from UK holidaymakers last year.

“When on holiday, it is all too easy to adopt a relaxed frame of mind and become less vigilant about keeping belongings safe,” said MyCallcredit director Melanie Mitchley.

“It is precisely this lapsed approach that thieves home in on, they are professionals at targeting tourists and they are only too aware that people are likely to have lots of personal information with them whilst away.”

She recommended that holidaymakers take a minimum number of credit cards with them on holiday, to minimise exposure and make it easier to spot should a card go missing.

Holidaymakers should also be wary of anyone requesting a copy of your signature and any other personal information.

They should also compare credit card statements against their spending and any receipts as soon as they arrive home.

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