Traffic congestion costs UK economy

Traffic delays are costing the economy £752 million each year through lost working hours, new research has found.

Over 123 million working hours are spent sitting in traffic jams and congestion, with the average motorist delayed by 27 minutes at least once a month.

It was also found that more than one in 10 of those who drive to work say they are at least 40 minutes late if they get stuck in traffic.

Many motorists are now choosing to adapt their working hours in order to avoid heavy traffic. Over half of motorists are choosing to start work at 8:30am in a bid to beat the jams.

One in five people are even opting to start as early as 5:15am, with one in eight choosing to work late rather than sit in traffic.

Tony Chilcott is Head of Churchill Car Insurance, which carried out the research. îIt’s incredibly frustrating for motorists to have to adapt their working hours just to avoid congestion on the roads,î said Chilcott. 

ìHowever, many drivers have to accommodate the school run and other commitments in the mornings, so it’s simply unrealistic to leave home at the crack of dawn. The result is millions of working hours wasted in traffic jams each year.î
The research comes as it was found recently that many parents are willing to break driving laws in order to get their children to school on time.

Accident rates are highest during school run times, but 31% of dads and 19% of mums say they do not stick to the speed limit during this time.

A further 13% say they have parked illegally when dropping their children off, and 8% even admitted not buckling themselves or their children up, in an effort to save time.

Gerry Barrett is from the Post Office, which carried out the survey. He said: ìParents are often up against it to get their kids to school on time, and as the mornings get darker they might find the school run more of a struggle than usual.î

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