Top tips to prepare your home for winter

If the recent heat wave left you thinking that it was too good to be true, it was.

Last weekendís unseasonable sunshine was the hottest period for October on record. With temperatures reaching 30C, parts of the country were hotter than Spain. However, within a matter of days snowfall has already hit parts of Scotland.

An artic storm on Thursday caused foot-high drifts to cover mountains with snow across the Scottish Highlands.

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Winter is quickly spreading across the country and now may be a good time to think about preparing your home for the cold snap.

New research found that there has been a 68% rise in storm related home insurance claims in the last year.

A price comparison website found that lightning strikes twice for almost 1 in 10 lightning claimants.

The research found that if you live in Wales or the West of England you are 89% more likely to make a home insurance claim due to lightning.

Policyholders in Central Scotland were 117% more likely to claim for a storm, the research found.

Mark Gabriel, Head of Home Insurance at Confused, said; “The consequences of having insufficient home cover are potentially severe. Many Insurers will offer home emergency cover as an optional extra on their contents policies – you will either be charged extra on your standard annual premium, or pay a monthly subscription fee.î

ìBut make sure you shop around for cover as premiums can vary greatly between providers; a comparison site is a great way to do this.”

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Here are some top tips to protect your home from winter storms;

1. Get covered

Shop around for the home insurance that is the best deal for your requirements. It would be advisable to get home emergency cover, which can provide you with immediate help.

2. Fixtures

It could be worth spending time fixing any loose tiles, fence panels, gates or anything that could be blown away in a storm or be subject to weather damage.

3. Prevent burst pipes

The research found that a major cause of home insurance claims was from burst pipes. This occurs when water freezes, expands and then escapes. You could prevent freezing by covering pipes with pipe jackets that could insulate them. 

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