Top tips for selling your property in the winter

Homeowners are typically reluctant to sell their property during the colder months and winter is often seen as a low point for property sales. However, there can be some advantages to selling your home in the winter months.

The National Association of Estate Agents President, Wendy Evans Scott points out the main ones;

“There are fewer homes for sale in the winter, but also fewer buyers which mean less competition for both parties.

“While the number of properties available remains reasonably stable, the winter months can provide an opportune moment for buyers to focus their property search.

ìFor those willing to brave the chill, the winter market can also bring a greater sense of commitment from both sides to complete the sale, as people tend to make life changing decisions in the New Year.î

If youíre thinking about selling your home but are unsure if now is the best time, here are some top tips for shifting your home during the winter months;

1.   First impressions

Clean the outside of your property as it is the first thing that potential buyers will see. It can often be hard to spruce up a winter garden, as they can look drab and dreary. However, you can make sure your garden is up to scratch with a fresh layer of paint and a few new plants.

 2. Keep it warm

The cost of gas and electricity bills are still sky high, but it could be well worth keeping your property warm for potential buyers. Itís simple but effective as buyers will also be keen to figure out how the heating system works and the level of insulation you have. Make sure you allow plenty of time for your property to heat up before the buyers arrive.

3.  Check your lights

The amount of natural light a property has can be a key selling point. However, during the winter months it can be hard to demonstrate this. Lighting sets the mood and tone so make sure all your bulbs are working to show off your home at it best.

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