Top Tips – Don’t go out of control this Christmas

If you’re currently on a debt plan we can help you stay in budget this Christmas:

1 – Start buying food items with a long shelf life or that are freezable while they are on offer now ñ donít wait until the week before Christmas!

2 – Make a list and set a budget for each family member or friend you need to buy a gift for ñ and try your hardest to stick to it!

3 – Large family? Why not arrange a ëSecret Santaí gift swapping scenario. Itís great fun guessing who bought what, helps you limit the amount spent and will save lots of money as each person buys less presents.

4 – Make sure you check prices online before you buy ñ you can often find a good saving.

5 – Keep an eye out for offers in shops such as ë3- for-2í or ëbuy-one-get-one-freeí. If you go for nonseasonal related items you can even store them to give for birthdays throughout next year.

6 – Second-hand gifts from charity shops are a good idea and you can get some real bargains or unique items.

7 – Check out websites like ñ you can often buy days out and gifts at a great discount.

8 – Make gift cards from last yearís Christmas cards ñ cheap and cheerful!

9 – Decide whether as adults you really need to give and receive presents with each other ñ just buy for the kids leaving extra cash to go into the sherry and mince pies!

10 – Make sure you donít reduce your payments to Immediate Financial over the festive season ñ it wonít help you in the long run.

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