Top credit card tips

Doing your research before you commit to taking out a credit card is crucial in ensuring you get the right deal for your needs.

Here are just a few factors to consider when you apply for a credit card.

Check your credit rating

If you want to check that your credit rating is intact you can contact the following three credit agencies: Experian, Equifax and Call Credit. For just £2 per search you can check your credit score and address any issues that are damaging your credit history.

Companies such as UK Credit Repair can help you on your way to restoring your credit score, and you can also dispute any claims directly with your credit card company.

What can I do to ensure Iím in a good position to get a credit card?

Although the criteria for assessing credit card applications will vary from lender to lender, most will want to see previous evidence that you have been able to meet credit repayments.

A regular income is also essential for most lenders, as is a permanent address that you have lived in for several years. It is also important to put yourself on the electoral register ñ not doing so may result in your application being rejected.

What credit card is best for me?

There are lots of credit cards on the market, each with their own terms and conditions. It is crucial to carry out an online comparison to check that you are getting the best rates for APR, credit limits and introductory deals.

You can compare credit cards with Money Expert.

Many lenders will offer deals on balance transfers that could start at 0% APR for a limited period of time, while also offering 0% interest on balances for fixed periods. However, it is important to review the credit cards terms so that you donít do anything to invalidate the deal.

Some credit cards are also designed especially for people with a bad credit score. Although interest rates tend to be higher with this type of card, if your balance is paid off in full each month you can avoid paying interest all together.
Reward cards also offer bonuses for customers who pay off their balance in full each month. This can include cash-back, free flights abroad and cheap hotel rooms.

You can compare credit cards with Money Expert.


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