Top 5 tips for lowering your utility bills

It is a constant struggle for many households in the UK to manage their finances in the current climate. Outgoings seem to be increasing all the time, while incomings are practically at a standstill.

Aside from mortgage or rent payments, one of the biggest outgoings is utility bills. But there are several ways to reduce the size of this particular outgoing. So how can you cut the cost of your utilities?

Turn down the heating

We all love to crank up the heating, especially in the harsh winter months. But turning the heating up even by a couple of degrees can really boost your heating bill.

So try turning the heating down a little. Itís unlikely youíll notice the difference of just a couple of degrees, but over the course of a year it could save you a significant amount of money.

Improve insulation

Thereís no point in paying for all that heating if itís just going to escape. So as the winter approaches, go around your house to find out where heat is escaping.

Using energy saving light bulbs

We use light bulbs throughout our houses, usually for hours on end. So for the rooms you use the most, switch to energy saving light bulbs to save energy and cut your electricity bill down as much as possible.

Switch provider

You may not think there is much between the energy companies, but switching provider could save you a lot of money.
Before you do so, find out exactly how much energy you are using so you can make an informed decision as to where to switch.

Washing clothes

Washing machines use an awful lot of energy, and yet many of us still wash at a high temperature and do not fill the machine. Try switching down to a 30 degree wash, and only use it when you have a full load.

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