Tips to Keep your New Year Resolutions in 2012

Tips to Keep your New Year Resolutions in 2012

With the Christmas festivities behind us and 2012 just around the corner, more and more Brits will be considering their New Yearís resolutions ñ and sorting out our finances is a top priority.

Recent figures from a price comparison website found that 26 million Brits will be making New Year’s resolutions and with credit card, loans and mortgage debt looming over many of us, getting our finances sorted should be a top priority for most of us.

The New Year’s Resolutions Survey by, revealed that a massive 49 per cent of people hope to use the start of the New Year to sort out their money problems.

Traditional top spots for resolutions – health and fitness activities ñ were relegated to second place in the survey. So how can you sort out your finances in time for the New Year?

Follow these tips:
Review Your Life Insurance: Checking your life assurance arrangements on a regular basis can result in big savings. Life changing situations such as marriage, birth of children, employment changes, divorce and retirement, are a good time to review your options. Remember that many factors influence what you pay for life insurance premiums and with longer life expectancies and better health provision you could be paying too much for your life insurance.

Compare and save on insurance: Check all your insurance renewals for the year ahead and then note your calendar or diary four weeks before each date. Plan ahead in advance and shop around for the best deals on your car insurance, income protection, home insurance and more to ensure that you get the best deal possible for your needs.

Reduce your Outgoings: Cutting down on what you spend your money on will bring about great savings. Take a packed lunch to work; cycle instead of catching the bus to work; eat out less: these small savings soon add up.

Switch Credit Cards: Switching your credit and store card debts to a 0% balance transfer deal is an effective way of reducing the amount you. Compare prices in order to save.  Alternatively, switch to a card with a low interest rate for the lifetime of the balance.

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