Thousands left behind by chip and pin

Thousands of retailers and customers are unready for the final transition to chip and pin, says the UK payments association Apacs.

One in ten shops have not yet made the transition to chipped security, with some smaller shops unwilling or unable to make the upgrade to the new payment systems.

The payments group added that of 860,000 registered members, 770,000 have so far upgraded.

“Some people won’t choose to enrol in the system,” said Apacs spokesman Ben Thomas. “These will tend to be retailers who do much smaller transactions and where fraud is less likely to occur.”

“Many who don’t come across will find that fraudsters will find them out as a loophole.”

Among consumers, 130 million of the 141 million credit and debit cards currently issued in the UK are now carrying chip security.

The National Consumer Council (NCC) has criticised card carriers for not providing sufficient information on the changeover.

It says that it is concerned that some elderly or vulnerable card users may not understand the choices open to them, and will be unable to compare credit cards to find the best balance between security and convenience.

Card users who wish to opt out of chip and pin technology have just 19 days to express their preference, before the cut off point on signature payments falls.

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