Third of Brits unhappy with their broadband provider

A third of Brits say they are unhappy with their broadband provider, with connection speeds being the main problem, new research has revealed.

A survey of broadband users across the UK found that 33% of broadband users are not satisfied with their current service provider.

The majority said that their service hadnít lived up to expectations, and outlined a number of areas where broadband providers are failing to satisfy.

The main complaint amongst customers was about slow online speeds, with three quarters saying they are unhappy with their broadband speed.

A further 38% of people said that their internet connection was unreliable, while 27% cited poor customer service as an issue.

ìCommunication is crucial in any relationship but broadband providers are clearly finding it hard to find the right words to resolve these issues with disgruntled customers,î said technology expert Dominic Baliszewski.

ìTo see broadband speed topping the list of complaints is certainly no surprise – this is the second year in a row that speed has topped the list of gripes – but it is disappointing to see there has been no improvement at all over the last 12 months.î

Ofcom announced recently that average broadband speeds in the UK have improved slightly over the past year.
But this has been down to customers switching to a faster service, rather than an improvement in their existing connection.

ìUK broadband users are clearly feeling taken for granted. If service providers don’t start paying more attention to loyal customers they may find themselves ditched for someone who appreciates them more,î added Mr Baliszewski.

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