The Importance of What People Think of You

CreditExpert from Experian this week launches a major new through-the-line advertising campaign, using a number of comic analogies to demonstrate how customers need to know how others view them.

Created by Red Brick Road, the campaign aims to bring to life the importance of the first impressions that banks and other financial services providers derive from a personís credit report ñ and the need to manage these impressions on an on-going basis.

With a voiceover by actor Robert Webb, the initial treatment features an everyman figure and his unsuccessful speed dating experience. The comic short was directed by Ric Cantor, who has received acclaim for previous work for Velvet, Boots and Yorkshire Tea.

The ads are a major departure from CreditExpertís previous campaign as the company, providers of the UKís most trusted credit monitoring service, looks to reach consumers looking to proactively manage their credit score as part of good financial housekeeping, rather than turning to it only when declined for credit.

The campaign includes TV, online and print placements, with space planned and bought by Maxus.

Peter Turner, Managing Director of Experian Interactive, said:

ìAt the heart of the campaign is the idea that you canít afford not to know. Banks and other financial institutions base decisions on your credit report and score ñ this is the only version of you that they will see. In order to manage that, you need to see how they see you. The campaign captures the importance of perception and knowing what others think about you that you didnít realise in a light-hearted, engaging way, with a suitably glossy, premium feel.”

ìAs the UK’s most trusted credit monitoring service we help people see how lenders see them our award winning customer service team gives advice to help manage their credit report and score.”

The campaign is set to run through the autumn, to encourage people to get their finances in order ahead of probable major purchases as Christmas draws near.

Video’s of the new Experian advertising campaign are below.

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Video 1

Video 2

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