The great voucher site revolution

Vouchers are a new way of life for many, offering comfort in the knowledge that you have made a purchase at a reduced rate! Brits love nothing more than to bag a bargain and as a result of the recession, discount websites have become hugely popular and successful.

Pressure on household incomes is increasing as millions of people stretch their finances to breaking point simply to cover costs. In many cases, some have turned to credit cards, personal loans and overdraft facilities to make ends meet. Others may have turned to discount vouchers.

Cash-strapped Brits are desperately seeking vouchers to help them out, wherever they can. As well as being a cheap treat, vouchers can be used to make everyday purchases for everything from holidays to hair removal. You really can find a voucher for almost anything.

Since the boom of the voucher culture, Brits have never looked back and are making the most out of their money, especially from great discount websites such as

Teresa Fritz, from personal finance planner website MoneyVista, spoke out about voucher growth recently, saying:  “There has been a rapid increase in discount vouchers and daily deals, with a total of 200 websites now operating in this space in the UK.

ìWith more and more options available, many consumers may be planning on using a money saving voucher to help ease the cost of a special occasion.

“Discount vouchers for treats like a romantic weekend getaway, champagne brunch, or spa visits, represent some of the more tempting offers. If you shop without checking to see if a voucher or cashback is available first, you could be missing out on big savings.î
Here is a quick guide to cashing in on vouchers;

1. What can you use vouchers for

There are a wide number of activities and treats you can use vouchers for. Discount voucher can be extremely diverse and cover a range of fun purchases, which can be both practical and helpful. For example, you could buy a voucher for a relaxing spa day or get-away break. Alternatively, you can also find vouchers which give you discounts on a full boiler service with a safety certificate or carpet cleaning services. 

Vouchers are not just for special occasions. You can use them for everyday purchases too, with hundreds of deals at well known restaurants and discount cinema tickets. In some cases, you can even get money off your weekly food shop!

2. How it works

Each website has a different way of operating their voucher system. In most cases, the process is simple and involves purchasing the voucher online through a specialist website such as More often than not, you might come across deals specifically for that day. Much like an auction website, some deals will have a time limit. Other websites, such as Mighty Deals, offer some deals for longer periods of time. This gives you the chance to make your purchase within a 5-day period for example, rather than just over the course of 24 hours.

It is important to note that you will have to register with the website before being able to purchase and enjoy the deals. By signing up you could have the option to receive daily email alerts, which notify you of the new daily deals!

It is a fantastic way for you to enjoy the things you love at the prices you can afford. In some cases, you can get up to 90% off a meal out, cruise, experience or even a new bracelet.

Once you have purchased your voucher online through your credit or debit card, you will then be sent your special code via email, which you must take with you to redeem your voucher.

3. What happens next?

Once you have purchased the voucher for a great deal of your choice, all you have to do is make a booking.

For the majority of vouchers, you will need to print off the email code to present to the merchant. It is important to note that you always need to make bookings in advance when using a voucher. Bookings must be made directly with the supplier, unless specifically told otherwise.

Once youíve agreed a date and a time with the third party, all you have to do is pop along with your printed off special code and enjoy a great discount deal.

With Mighty Deals you can only use the voucher once and canít give your deal to someone else. If you change you mind, Mighty Deals offers a full money-back guarantee. Just call 01483 412 978 or email [email protected] with your name and order reference number within 7 days of your purchase to get a refund.


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