Tesco launch huge supermarket price war

Supermarket giant Tesco is waging a war on rivals as it prepares for the biggest price squeeze since the 1920s.

The bitter battle will involve Asda, Sainsburyís, Morrisonís and successful budget chains such as Aldi and Lidl.

Tesco has seen a loss of market share in the last few months and has suffered greatly at Asdaís promise to by 10% cheaper on all basket foods. Asdaís Price Guarantee campaign has tarnished Tescoís sales as a result the retailer is set to launch a ìdramatic new offensiveî, according to retail magazine, The Grocer.

As one of the UKís largest supermarket chains gears up for Christmas, Tesco is set to move away from promotions to permanently low prices.

One Tesco store manager told The Grocer, ìWe have been told to make sure we are available this weekend and we understand something big is happening on Monday. The assumption is that itís a price offensive.î

In preparations for Tescoís new price war, here are some top tips on how to save money on a food shopping.

1.    Make a shopping list

Before you leave the house to do a weekly shop, check what you have already so that you donít end up with duplicates and none of what you actually need. Check what you have so that you can plan meals and donít forget to keep an eye on use by dates so you can freeze items and plan your meals around what needs to be eaten first.

2.    Donít shop on an empty stomach

If you are hungry and decide to go food shopping you are more likely to give in to temptation and end up purchasing food that is easy to cook/ consume then rather than what may be suitable for your budget and the rest of the week.

3.    Bulk buy

Stock up on items that you use often that keep. Everyday items such as rise, pasta and cereal keep for longer than a week so if you buy in larger quantities it will be more cost effective and last for longer.  There are rumors that Tesco will adopt a countdown strategy, where groups of products will be offered at £% and other bundles at £4, £3, £2 and £1.

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