Tesco Clubcard users to get money off energy bills

Tesco Clubcard users will be able to reduce their energy bills if they are E.ON Energy customers.

That is because the two firms have joined forces to offer customers a discount on their energy bills.

Until August 5th, consumers can use their £10 Clubcard vouchers to pay for £15 off of their energy bills, if they are E.ON customers.

This may encourage consumers to switch from their current energy provider to E.ON due to the help being offered to pay off bills.

If this is the case, consumers may want to use a price comparison site, such as Money Expert, to find out how to switch easily and quickly.

Customers who wish to take advantage of this offer can do so by choosing how many Clubcard vouchers they would like to redeem on the website.

The token vouchers will then be emailed to the customer within 24 hours. These codes can then be entered onto the E.ON website to use towards their energy bills.

Ofgem recently enforced a new ruling on energy companies on April 28th.

Under the new rulings, energy companies must give their customers 30 days notice of any change in the cost of electricity or gas.

This could make it easier for consumers to switch energy provider if they are aware of an impending price hike in their energy bills.

Customers also have to be told if their contract is changing, which may make them worse off.

Hannah Mummery, energy expert at Consumer Focus, said: "People clearly need to be given fair warning if prices are going to go up, not told months after the event.

"This welcome move will help give people the opportunity to budget for higher bills in advance, weigh up their options about whether to switch supplier and shop around."

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