Take a mortgage now, expert advises

The current property market offers “possibly the best time to fix a mortgage in a generation”, it has been stated.

Head of consulting at property intelligence firm Ducalian Timothy Lambert said that the current low base rate situation means it is a “great time” to pick up a property, either for those looking to trade up or for first-time buyers, as long as they are in employment and can raise the deposit funds.

Such comments may interest those looking for the best mortgage deal available.

Mr Lambert suggested the market has reached the “bottom”, although he forecast it will be some time before significant price rises emerge.

However, some house price surveys have indicated rises this month, including the Land Registry this week, which said the value of homes in England and Wales was up 0.1 per cent in June from May.

The Nationwide figures for last month indicated a 0.9 per cent jump across the UK as a whole.

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