Switching current accounts ‘not hard to do’

Getting a different current account is not a difficult process, a consumer watchdog has stated.

James Daley, money editor for Which? magazine, urged people to change banks if they are not receiving good service.

He noted that many consumers are put off by the anticipated red tape and difficulty, but explained that banks are obliged to offer a switching service.

In most cases, he said, the transfer of bills, direct debits and so on is smooth.

A poll by Which? among people who had switched found that 79 per cent had found the process fairly or very easy and most had not experienced any trouble.

“It’s much simpler than most people realise,” Mr Daley observed.

Which? recently carried out a survey in which 68 per cent of respondents said they would change to a different current account provider if they were given poor service.

But research from money.co.uk indicated that only 15 per cent of people believe switching will make any “real difference” when it comes to penalty charges on accounts.

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