Survey shows baby strain on finance

Money worries are among the biggest strains that parents face after a new baby arrives, a poll has found.

A survey by insurer Aviva found that only lack of sleep is listed as a major problem by more mums and dads in the first year of a baby’s life.

This was mentioned by 59 per cent of mothers and 56 per cent of fathers.

Such an issue may be of particular concern to those who have debt issues to deal with and could contribute to a reduction in social activities by the parents of new babies.

The survey found that over half did not get to go out with friends and three – quarters were unable to get away on holiday.

A new website to help first-time parents care for babies aged between five and eight months – ñ was launched by the government this week on a national basis.

However, this provides practical advice about caring for babies rather than financial advice about adjusting to having an extra mouth to feed.

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