Summer sport without busting your finances

Tired of the football yet? Wimbledon is here now, and for many, a visit to this and other grass-kissed sporting events are the essence of the English summer. The idea of it can seem dauntingly expensive but a little careful planning can bring them into your grasp.
If you want Centre Court tickets at Wimbledon, theyíre cheapest at the start of the tournament. A ground ticket however is less than half the price and, during the first week, means you can see many of the big names on courts three and below for £20 or less. If you enter the gates after 5pm (which youíd probably have to even if you join the queue by midday), when many of the most nail-biting games are played, itís cheaper still. 
And if it inspires you to play, then borrow a racket and pick up some balls from a local sports shop, then head for the courts in your local park.  There are holiday courses at many local schools and tennis clubs, too.
Get set for summer costs
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Improve your finances
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Thereís not only tennis ñ the Great English Summer has some other great sporting attractions too, with Twenty20 cricket a great way of spending a sunlit evening after work, or an action-packed afternoon with the family, at a fraction of the cost of a Test match and a lot more fun. 
Country life
If the country life attracts you, why not head out to the green & pleasant land for a local agricultural show or fair. Displays, competitions, lots of animals, funfairs, shopping and more can make a great day out for all the family. And many farms hold lamb races aimed at children, while charity duck races are an annual summer fund-raiser. Itís good to get some some country air!
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