Student loans contribute to debt culture, charity says

Student loans do not cause debt problems for graduates, but do contribute to a culture of borrowing, it has been claimed.

Most people do not struggle to make payments on their student loan
, according to debt charity Credit Action.

However, the practice of taking out student loans does feed into a wider debt culture and makes borrowing “the norm” for young people, a spokesman said.

Chris Tapp commented: “Students have grown very used to spending three or four years of their lives living in debt.”

He added: “We now have a generation for whom you’re extremely odd if you’re not in a substantial amount of debt.”

According to figures collected by his organisation, the average student takes out £13,500 in loans
while at university.

In related news, around 62 per cent of respondents to an Alliance & Leicester survey said that they were “reluctant” borrowers who only took out a loan or credit when absolutely necessary.

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