Stress at work ’caused by debt’

A quarter of people in employment admit that money worries are damaging their performance in the workplace, a survey has found.

The study by debt help website found that a fifth of people who ended up off work sick with such stress have not gone back, while 55 per cent have said their concentration has been affected and 29 per cent have said it has caused “silly mistakes”.

Another finding was that 61 per cent have lost sleep as a result of their debt management problems.

Jessica Bown, an independent financial journalist who writes for the site, said: “It’s clear that when stress levels get so high as to cause lack of sleep and time off work, then something needs to be done.”

Earlier this month, spokesperson for the Money Advice Trust Beccy Boden Wilks said staff at the charity had been told by many clients that debt problems were causing them to see their doctors to get treatment for stress and anxiety.

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