Stress ‘can make people drive badly’

Many drivers see their motoring performance deteriorate when they get behind the wheel in a state of stress, it has been claimed.

A poll by insurer Admiral found that 56 per cent of people knowingly get behind the wheel when they are in such a state, with 37 per cent admitting that it makes them drive more erratically.

In addition to this, 45 per cent confessed being more likely to lose concentration when under stress, while 56 per cent said being in a car in such a state made them more likely to have a road rage incident.

Such findings could have implications for car insurance, as no-claims bonuses may be lost if somebody has an accident while driving in a compromised state of concentration.

Earlier this month a poll of female drivers found the ways in which women are most likely to put themselves and others at risk.

These include 18 per cent saying they have put make-up on while driving, with three per cent confessing to having had a crash as a result.

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