Smaller Broadband Suppliers Have Happier Customers


March 2015

Smaller Broadband Suppliers Have Happier Customers

The consumer satisfaction group ëWhich?í have released a report revealing that consumers of the smaller broadband firms are much more content that those signed on with the big three providers.

The big three firms of Sky, TalkTalk and BT have fared much worse, with them all obtaining customer satisfaction rates of below 50%. This is significantly worse than a number of suppliers that are less known, such as Utility Warehouse, Zen Internet, John Lewis Broadband and Plusnet that all received greater than 70% satisfaction scores.

As a result of these findings, the consumer group ëWhich?í are calling for coherence and lucidity when it comes to the broadband speeds these firms are advertising. They argue that because of the current legislation some broadband providers are marketing speeds that only 10% of their consumers are actually receiving.

They are calling on the Broadcasting Committee of Advertising Practice and also the Committee of Advertising Practice to implement changes to the system to ensure the customer is offered more honest rates and thus receives a better service overall.

The executive director at ëWhich?í, Richard Lloyd, commented on the survey: ìSmaller suppliers are leaving larger rivals in their wake when it comes to the service they provide so we need to see the big players up their game. Ofcom is also currently reviewing this market and we now need it to identify how it plans to ensure broadband customers get a better deal.î

ëWhich?í also found that the majority of the broadband providers got a score of three stars when their customers were asked to evaluate the quality of the broadband speed they are getting. TalkTalk were marked the lowest with their customers giving an average of two stars.

Richard Lloyd went on to comment: ìWeíve told the advertising watchdogs that companies need to be much clearer with their customers about the speeds they can expect. However, three months on, weíre still waiting for them to announce how theyíll ensure adverts only show the speeds most customers actually receive.î

Ofcom have recently declared their intention to conduct a huge investigation into the digital communications market after services such as broadband have undergone a significant evolution in recent years.

The chief executive at Ofcom, Steve Unger, stated: ìWe have seen huge changes in the phone and broadband markets since our last major review a decade ago. Our new review will mean Ofcomís rules continue to meet the needs of consumers and businesses by supporting completion and investment for years to come.î

The revelation of dissatisfied customers at the big broadband suppliers comes after news last week reporting the huge variation in the quality of broadband throughout the country. As the industry receives an increasing amount of criticism, the conclusions of the investigation by Ofcom cannot come too quick.

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