SkyCard launches longest 0% deal

SkyCard, the TV credit card designed to work in a Sky box, has launched an extended zero per cent deal on purchases and balance transfer transactions.

The standard best rate is 16.9 per cent, and a 2.5 per cent deal applies to any balance transfer requests. The zero per cent deal begins December 20th and runs until January 1st , 2007.

The SkyCard was launched in April and can be used as a regular credit card in shops and cash machines, but can also be slotted into Sky boxes, allowing users to manage their credit card through an interactive TV display.

As well as the best rate offer, users can save money with a points system every time they make a purchase through their Sky box, offering money off their Sky bills, movies and pay-per-view events.

“Predictions of the end of zero per cent deals are premature. This new offer is the longest zero per cent deal on purchases currently available,” said Mark Duckworth of SkyCard.

“Customers can take care of their Christmas finances with this balance transfer and look forward to a whole year of interest free shopping with the latest deal from SkyCard.”

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