Skiers warned of costly credit card service

Skiers could be caught out by extra charges on their credit cards, Nationwide is warning.

According to the firm, Dynamic Currency Conversion (DCC) is an optional service provided by retailers or cash machines.

Cardholders are given the option of what currency they can pay in but if they choose sterling they may be subject to a conversion rate decided by the retailer, it added.

The firm claims that over £34,000 was wasted on DCC during last year’s ski season at four of the top ski resorts in Europe.

“Dynamic currency conversion has the potential to affect a large number of people,” commented Nationwide director Jeremy Wood. “We would advise people to check any slip or bill before signing or entering their pin.”

The firm explains that for a family of four, ski hire and passes totalling around £1,000 could be subject to an additional £274 for DCC.

According to the Post Office, Bulgaria is the cheapest ski destination, and Canada is the most expensive.

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