Skiers take a dive this winter to cut costs

Skiers and snowboarders are cost-cutting on their winter holiday this year, according to new research.

Sainsburyís Finance has revealed that a staggering 73% of skiers and snowboarders are slashing their holiday budgets this winter.

More than a quarter of those who are getting their skis on plan to make savings wherever possible over the next few months. The research found that 28% of consumers plan to take packed lunches on to the slopes rather than dinning at high altitude. A further 26% of holidaymakers plan on staying in cheaper accommodation than they normally would.

Some will even base their holiday choice on where the cheapest countries to visit are. The research found that Hokkaido in Japan is the one of the most expensive destinations for a winter holiday, at over £5,200 for a one week stay!

Others are slimming down into borrowed skiing gear instead of buying or hiring it. Nearly one in four people have confessed to buying ski-wear from cheaper shops or second hand shops.

David Barrett of Sainsbury’s Travel Money, said; “Skiing is an expensive sport and in a time of financial uncertainty it seems that many enthusiasts are being forced to either forgo their holiday or try to find ways of reducing the cost of their trip. Looking beyond the traditional ski destinations can provide a way of saving significant sums on a ski holiday.î

ìSkiers and snowboarders should also look to reduce the cost in other ways such as shopping around for the most competitive rates on their travel money and arrange it as far in advance as they can.”

The research also pointed out that people are cutting down on ski lessons to save money, however, it could result in a nasty accident and big medical bills.

If youíre hitting the slopes this winter be sure to check that you have the right level of travel insurance, as some policies do not include sporting activities such as skiing or snowboarding. 

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