Sisters should not do it for themselves

The average man might disagree but insurers are convinced that generally women are better drivers than men. They base that view on the fact that women generally have fewer accidents and are a better risk?

Specialist insurance companies have set up specific services to provide policies for women and reckon they offer better deals.

Using high profile advertising campaigns these insurers have captured a significant share of the market. The women only insurers believe their customers to be less likely to make expensive insurance claims and as a result they claim to be able to pass on these savings in lower premiums to their customers. can help you steer through the claims and counter-claims to find out which are the best firms for you.

Price comparison

Analysis of the insurance market by brings into question whether women only insurers do in fact offer a better deal compared against the insurance market as a whole. compared a number of very standard insurance policies and found that in each case general insurers came out on top in the cost stakes.

Taking a 2002 Citroen C5, driven around 5,000 miles a year by a 35-year-old female with a five-year no claim bonus as an example, found that the cheapest policy was from SwiftCover at £198.

The cheapest women-only policy was from Shelia’s Wheels at £225. Comparing four of the leading women only insurers found that the average cost of the policies on this car came in at £279. This figure was £72 higher than the four best deals offered by the general insurers.

The result was similar when compared women only and general insurer’s quotes on a 2002 Ford Focus, driven by the same 35 year old female. The cheapest policy available was from Swift Cover again at £146. This was £39 cheaper than the lowest priced women only insurer, Sheila’s Wheels at £185.

Women-only can be better

Quotes vary depending on a range of factors including age, where in the country you live, the type of car and even if you park in a garage or on the street.

The examples show women-only losing out as the absolute cheapest but they can still be good for some drivers.

Quality u-turn

Women looking for a car insurance policy should consider more than just price however. The cheapest policies on the market may exclude features which come as standard on more expensive policies. Swift Cover for example which came out top, in terms of price on the two quotes mentioned earlier charges £400 excess on drivers under 21 who make a claim. This is around £100 more than the market average.

If once you receive your policy you find that it has conditions you find unacceptable you’ll have a specified "cooling off" period in which you’ll be able to decide whether or not to go ahead with it.

A lesson for the ladies

The debate on which of the sexes make better drivers will no doubt rage on with no sign of an answer in sight. These findings suggest however that women looking for car insurance will in many cases be better served by a general insurer rather than by the women only companies.

MoneyExpert recommends that women should take time to search the market if they’re looking to get a bargain. Only by taking a bit of time to compare prices and search for online offers are you likely to get the best deal.

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