Sisters keeping it to themselves

One in every five women in the UK admit to lying to their partners about the cost of new purchases, says new research for first direct.

Almost a fifth said that they keep a secret stash of savings and a further fifth said that they did not tell their partners their credit card balance transfer figures.

A quarter said that maintaining their independence by keeping their finances separate was important to them.

The research revealed a generational divide, with women aged between 51 and 55 the most likely to be open and trusting with their finances while those aged 26 to 30 are more likely to be secretive.

“These findings are hardly surprising, as today’s couples are marrying later after years of managing their own money,” said Richard Kimber of first direct.

“It also reflects the fact that over two-thirds of today’s women have their own income through working, compared with just 43 per cent back in 1971.

“With divorce rates higher than ever, and money the number one cause of arguments amongst couples it’s no wonder over three million women are keeping a hidden financial lifeboat,” he added.

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