Shoppers are paying ‘too much’

Brits are paying over the over the odds for their weekly shop, according to research by Alliance and Leicester.

People could collectively be paying over £16 million more than necessary for bread, eggs, milk and toilet rolls revealed the bank’s survey.

The report says 62 per cent of people do not shop around for household provisions, with some people paying double the average price for items. However three per cent would not shop around for bigger products like flights,cars or electrical goods.

“There’s clearly still a mismatch for people when it comes to thinking about spending large amounts of cash in one go and making smaller purchases on a regular basis,” said manager for savings at Alliance and Leicester Ross Dalzell.

Up to 78 per cent of people questioned in the survey would pay up to £2 for a loaf of wholemeal bread when it can cost 58p.

Food prices have been rising by as much as 28 per cent since last year, according to trade magazine the Grocer.

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