Shop around for best current account deal, consumers advised

Consumers looking for the best deal on their current account should shop around, a banking consultancy has advised.

According to Defaqto, bank customers should constantly review their account to ensure the that they are getting the best deal possible.

Competition has become intense in the current account market, according to a spokesman for the company.

And this means that consumers can find better deals than ever before – if they are prepared to look around.

Defaqto spokesman David Black says: “Now that it’s possible to switch current accounts relatively easily it’s worth reviewing your current account to ensure that youíre getting the best deal.”

Yesterday it was revealed that Britons are increasingly resorting to taking money from their savings accounts to cope with rising expenses.

Birmingham Midshires found that the average UK adult had taken £400 out of their long-term savings account over the past three months.

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