Secure locking ‘can drop car insurance prices’

Car insurance customers can save on their premiums if their car is locked up at night, the AA has said.

Spokesperson for the motoring organisation Ian Crowder said that insurers take into account the security levels that cars have at times when they may be vulnerable to theft when deciding on risks.

He stated: “If you do get that discount, make sure you do, do it. You’d be amazed of how many people’s garages are full of junk.”

Mr Crowder suggested that those who currently use their garages for storage should clear them out, not only enabling themselves to save on insurance costs but perhaps also bringing some money in though holding a garage sale.

Cars at the top end of the market can attract a lower premium if they have a tracker device fitted, he stated.

The year to May 2009 saw a 15 per cent rise in the number of cars stolen during burglaries, according to AA figures.

In total, 18,500 vehicles were taken this way as burglars took car keys from the houses they were robbing.

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