Secret credit card sinners hide finances from their partner

One in ten Brits own a credit card which their other half has no knowledge of, according to new research.

When it comes to finances and relationships, there are some things that should be kept secret. Pin numbers, passwords, the answer to your secret question, and even your balance are all high on this list. However, some appear to be taking it to extremes and would not even tell their partner about a credit card or prepaid card they own.

The research, by a price comparison website, found that 17% of people with credit cards donít share financial information with their partner. A further 11% of those with a credit card deliberately make sure their partner doesnít see their credit card bank statements.

These ësecretí cards are often used for activities such as gambling, adult entertainment and even additional relationships.

The research found that the main reason for being secretive about personal finances was that people feared their partner would be annoyed with the amount of money that was spent. 38% of Brits confessed to wanting their own purchasing freedom.

A further 21% admitted they wanted to make purchases that their partner would not approve of, and 11% believed their partner would not approve of them owning a credit card at all.

The highest percentage of secret spenders live in the South East, with one in five hiding their finances from their partner in this region. Men are almost three times as likely to use their credit card on an expensive night out compared to women, and nearly 10 times more men would put their adult entertainment on a secret credit card. However, women are far more likely to buy expensive clothing or shoes on a credit card.

Despite the deceitful nature, some used the power of secrecy for good. 29% of people used their secondary credit card to buy their other half gifts without their knowledge.

ìIt’s great to see that not all the reasons for having a secret card are sinister, romance is still alive and well with a high number of people using a card to purchase surprise gifts for their partner or loved one, ” commented Kevin Mountford from Moneysupermarket.

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