Searching for insurance might drive Paris round the bend

Poor little rich girl Paris Hilton has swapped the luxurious surrounds of her family’s hotel chain for the slightly more down at heel environs of a Los Angeles ‘correctional facility’. The hard partying socialite was sentenced last month to 45 days in prison for being over the legal limit when driving her car home after a party one night.

You’re not going to believe this…

Sometimes people do things for odd reasons and the explanations might seem a little far fetched, but will stand up to scrutiny. However, Hilton pushed the envelope right out of shape with her account of what happened on the September night she was arrested. She claimed that she had been to a party and drank "just one margherita" cocktail, having had nothing to eat all day.

A quick meal ticket

However, she then told police – who had seen her speeding and weaving erratically – that the reason she was driving so quickly was because she was in a rush to get a burger. Law enforcement officials were somewhat underwhelmed by her reasoning and took her in after a breathalyser test revealed she was well over the limit.

Paris: Don’t make the same mistake

So now Paris is cooling her heels in the Century Regional Detention Facility and she has plenty of time to reflect on the error of her ways. Before reporting to prison, she had time to feature in an advertisement in girl’s magazine Seventeen, which warned her peers of the dangers of drink driving. "It only takes one," Paris tells them, presumably in reference to the infamous single margherita cocktail.

Where to from here?

Understandably, the gossip columns have been alive with talk of Paris and her future. The general consensus is it won’t have done anything to harm her career and her family do not seem particularly upset with her either. On her recent temporary release a house party was planned and one source suggested that she will be bought – ironically – a new car when she is released.

Don’t forget, that for us mere mortals, that any driving ban can mean we’re out of a job as many of us need our car to be able to get to work or we have a driving job!!

Convictions push premiums up

Of course, she will have a driving ban to serve and when she is ready to get back behind the wheel, she is likely to find that, among other things, the price of her insurance will have gone up considerably. As a 21-year-old with a taste for flash cars, her premiums would have been high anyway. Add that to a drink-driving conviction and Paris is looking at spending a very pretty penny indeed – although this will probably cause no problems to a girl who is heir to a fortune of billions.

Shop ’til your mouse drops for best insurance quotes online

Still, there is no reason why she can’t get a reasonably good deal on her car insurance. She will just have to shop around – or more likely pay someone to shop around for her, seeing as she is more at home in the designer boutiques than scouring the internet for facts and figures. One thing Paris will need to make sure of is that her insurance deal covers all the things she needs it to. If she gets caught out driving with insufficient cover, the courts are unlikely to take a lenient view.

Always read the small print

That is why, earlier this week, the Co-operative Bank advised consumers to carefully check what is included in any quotes they obtain through online searches. Evidence suggests that a significant number of people go for the cheapest quote without fully considering whether it is adequate for their needs. Bank spokesman Duncan Bowker said drivers need to "look at the whole package of what [they’re] getting in terms of service proposition, and the quality of the claims service that [they] may or may not have to use."

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