Scottish government ‘can help people own homes’

The Scottish government can do more to help those who want to own their own homes to get on the property ladder, it has been stated.

Speaking after the announcement by the Scottish National Party (SNP) administration that the right-buy scheme will be axed, spokesperson for housing affordability lobby group Katy John said there was much it could do.

These include “building more homes; considering the introduction of taxation on multiple homeownership and enforcing sensible, sustainable lending policies such as those just announced by the FSA [Financial Services Authority]”, Ms John argued.

Such moves may help those looking for mortgages in Scotland to get on the housing ladder more easily.

The abolition of the right-buy scheme – which was introduced by Margaret Thatcher’s Conservative government in 1980 – will keep 18,000 homes in the public sector, SNP deputy leader Nicola Sturgeon declared at the party’s recent annual conference in Inverness.

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