School uniform debt fear

Many parents will be going into debt to meet the costs of school uniforms and other equipment for their children as the new academic year approaches, a survey has found.

Research by Save the Children and Family Action revealed that 51 per cent of those on incomes of £30,000 or less are having problems affording uniforms, PE kits and books, a number that rose to 59 per cent for those on £12,000 or less.

Of this second group, 26 per cent said they would have to go into debt to meet these requirements.

Chief executive of Family Action Helen Dent condemned the situation, commenting: “The start of term should be an exciting time when parents and children look forward to the future – not one they dread for fear of getting into deeper debt.”

A major concern of parents when buying school uniforms has been that they are not durable enough and new ones will have to be paid for, Asda said last month.

It stated its clothing arm George would be introducing 100 day money back guarantees on uniforms bought there.

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