Save On Student Car Insurance Premiums

Student Car Insurance Premiums

Student car insurance can often be a massive strain on young people’s finances. Students often end up paying some of the highest rates on car insurance policies. This is because they are viewed as being higher risk drivers by car insurance companies. While this may be unfair to some drivers who act responsibly on the road, student drivers are also statistically more likely to be involved in accidents than older, more experienced drivers.

One of the best ways to save money on your car insurance is by comparing all the deals that are currently available to you. Checking each and every car insurance website would be a very long and arduous task. Thankfully here on our website we offer a free and impartial price comparison service that will compare all the offers on the market and return them to you within a few seconds. This means that you can rest easy knowing that you haven’t missed out on any good rates.

What are the best ways to lower costs as a student driver?

One thing that you may want to consider, if you are a student driver, is installing some additional security on your car. By doing this you will make it more difficult to break into or steal, therefore lowering the cost that you will pay to your insurer.

There are a few different types of security device that you can insure on your car. Items such as steering wheel locks or immobilisers are widely available either in motoring stores or online and greatly reduce the likelihood of your car being stolen. This could be especially important to your rates if you live in a student area with a high crime rate.

Another way that you can lower the amount that you are paying for your car insurance installing a black box device on your vehicle. These devices monitor the way that you drive and how far in order to establish whether or not you are driving safely. If you are seen as driving safely then you will lower the amount that you pay for your car insurance significantly.

If you are thinking about buying a car, then bear in mind the fact that different cars will come with varying rates of insurance – depending on which insurance group your car falls into. Cars with more powerful engines are definitely more expensive to insure due to the fact that they are seen as more high risk vehicles. Cars that are made by more expensive manufacturers are also more expensive to insure due to the increased cost of repairs and spare parts.

Female Students

There was once a time where female students could enjoy lower fees than their male counterparts. This was because women are hugely less likely to be involved in a car crash than men, when they are involved in car crashes these tend to be at lower speeds which means that the cars cost less to repair. However the ECJ (European Court of Justice) recently ruled that this was against anti-discrimination laws and was therefore illegal. This means that women have seen a huge price rise in the amount that they pay in insurance – roughly 30%.

Don’t “Front”

“Fronting” is the practice of insuring yourself as only a named driver on a vehicle and not the main driver. This is normally done by younger drivers who insure themselves on their parents insurance in order to gain cheaper rates. Whilst this may seem like a brilliant idea it is actually highly illegal. If you are caught fronting you could not only face a fine but the insurance company are completely within their rights to refuse a payout on your claim, in the case of an accident.

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