Save over £200 on your fuel bills

Do you want to save money on both your gas and electricity bills with only a few minutes effort? Of course you do!

That’s why our sister company SimplySwitch have made the process of saving hundreds of pounds on your energy bills a breeze.

To get started and to see how much you can save simply fill in some basic details on your electricity and gas usage and your existing supplier into the fuel price calculator.

How are these savings on my fuel bills possible?

There are various reasons why you can save serious money on your bills.

The gas and electricity companies have various tariffs, offers and incentives that are only available to certain people – for example new customers, light users or OAPs. Working your way through all the energy companies pricing and promotions whilst calculating how much you could save would take the average consumer a very long time.

SimplySwitch constantly monitors the energy market and update its savings calculator daily with the latest prices and offers. So you only have to answer a few simple questions to compare fuel prices across the whole market.

Will there be any breaks in my fuel supply?

Absolutely not! All the pipes, cables and other infrastructure that supply the gas and electricity to your house will remain exactly the same so you will not notice when the supply switches over.

The only indicator that you have switched over will be that a fuel bill from a different company will come through your letterbox and your pockets will be significantly heavier from all the money you have saved!

What’s the next stage in switching fuel suppliers?

Fill in the easy to use fuel price calculator. To make this process even easier, it is advisable to have a recent bill so you know how much fuel you use. Don’t worry if you don’t have a recent bill, you can just enter details of how much you pay currently.

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