Running a Car? Find out How to Reduce your Motoring Costs

Can you live without your car? Really? Well, thatís what households across the country are seriously considering due to the high price of petrol and insurance.  

But before you say goodbye to your beloved motor, take a look at the following cost cutting tips to see if you can save money.

Number of Cars per Household

Does your household own more than one car?  If so, have you considered having a communal car instead, to use only when required?  You may find it is just as easy to drop your partner off at work before you head to the office, than you both taking separate journeys.  Or, one of you may decide to take public transport, and use the car for weekend trips instead.

You may decide your household relies on having a car, and you are unwilling to give up owning a car altogether, but reducing the number of cars you own could more than half the amount you spend on insurance and petrol.

Supermarket Petrol

To make the cost of motoring more affordable for you and your family, simply being more organised with where you buy your petrol from could make all the difference.

It is a well known fact that supermarkets charge less for petrol, so remember to top up after you have completed your weekly food shop.  If you use your supermarket store card you can also often build up points when you buy petrol from these places, which can be used towards food shopping, meals out or even short breaks in the UK and abroad.

Car Efficiency

Whether this means you open the window when it gets hot instead of turning on the air conditioning, or tidying up the inside of your car to make the car lighter, an efficient car can significantly reduce the amount of petrol it consumes.

A car share is also a good way to cut petrol costs.  If you know people down your road that go to the same school as your kids, then suggest to them you start a lift share.  Or you could even suggest a car share with people you work with.

Driving Style

Simple changes to the way you drive can reduce the amount of petrol you use, and could also prevent car parts becoming damaged sooner than they should.

While driving fast, like a formula 1 racing driver may be the most fun way of driving for you, this is not necessarily the most efficient style of driving.  Try instead to drive more smoothly, to change gear at appropriate times, to adhere to speed limits, defer from overtaking other cars on single carriageways, and pre-empt traffic lights and junctions by slowing down way ahead of the point where you may have to stop.

Compare Car Insurance

You may also find you could significantly reduce the cost of your car insurance by switching providers.  Rates change and if it has been a while since you renewed your policy, take a look to see what else is being offered on the market.

You could find yourself making the most of the best competitive deals currently available, such as the £40 cash back vehicle warranty offer available to those who apply through the Simply Switch website for the Warranty Direct deal.

While Money Expert is offering customers £25 just for switching car insurance when they use their free price comparison tool.  Taking advantage of cashback offers like these can help absorb the cost of petrol and car insurance.

What do you think about the price of petrol?  Do you think the government should do more to make motoring more affordable, or should Brits take steps to change their dependence on their cars?

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