Rolling loan options rescue Ron

ROLLING STONES guitarist Ron Wood was so short of cash he had to turn to band mates Sir Mick Jagger and Keith Richards to keep him out of debt.

The 60-year-old rocker, who was treated for alcohol dependency last year, fell into serious money troubles despite building up a property portfolio worth millions.He turned to Mick and Keef for satisfaction and got a £250,000 loan to tide him over.

Ron’s now painted his bank balance black again thanks to the 2005 ‘Bigger Bang’ world tour. He’s reckoned to be worth £70million with homes in London and Ireland and has a book deal to write his memoirs – if he can remember them – and a career as a painter.

But what would Ron do if the Bank of Mick and Keef weren’t on hand to bail him out? has got some advice which should help Ronnie get off the cloud of debt.


Ron’s got property so he could re-mortgage and use the cash to stave off debts. But plenty of mortgages are approved based on your ability to afford the monthly repayments, so poor Ron will have to prove he’s got a regular income, which would mean touring again.

Plus when you’re 60 it can be difficult getting a lender to give you cash.
Here are some of’s most popular deals.

Popular Mortgages

Company Typical APR (fixed)
Stroud & Swindon Building Society – 2yr BBR Tracker LTV 90% 5.25%
Norwich & Peterborough Building Society – Flexible 2yr BBR Tracker LTV 90% >£75k Direct 5.25%
Leeds Building Society – 3yr BBR Tracker LTV 90% 5.25%

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Get a personal loan

Unsecured personal loans allow to you borrow anything up to £25,000 over a period of between six months and ten years. This might help Ron pay off some debts and to stay on an even keel. If you feel Ron’s pain and reckon a loan’s the answer, view a selection of the cheapest loans below.

Popular Personal Loans

Company Early Repayment Fee Typical APR (fixed)
Your Personal (homeowner’s only) 1 Month 6.3%
Moneyback Bank 1 Month 6.3%
Sainsbury’s Bank 1 Month 6.7%
Northern Rock 1 Month 6.9%

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Get a home loan

As a homeowner, Ron could borrow some money from a lender and secure the loan against his house. Because the house is a guarantee against the loan, normally you can borrow more. That means if Ron can’t pay off his loan, sooner or later the lender can repossess his house – which would give him no satisfaction at all.

Popular Secured Loans

Company Typical APR (fixed)
Paragon Personal Finance Limited 6.6%
Firstplus Financial 6.7%
Paragon Personal Finance Limited 7.6%
NEMO 8.1%

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