Relying on 0% deals ‘no longer an option’

The lack of availability of zero per cent deals on credit cards is having a “knock-on effect” on other financial products, it has been claimed.

National Debtline’s Beccy Boden-Wilks explained that people used to use zero per cent nine month deals as a way of getting cheap credit on a regular basis.

However, as it becomes more expensive for lenders to offer cheap deals, these products are becoming less widely available and may vanish altogether, she said.

“Now people are getting to the end of their nine months, looking around for another one and being refused, or finding those deals aren’t available,” the debt adviser explained.

In addition, this is having a direct effect on mortgage payments, she added, as some people who can no longer afford their credit card debts simply stop paying their house loans as well.

Debtline has seen an increase in mortgage arrears as a result of the credit crunch, Ms Boden-Wilks claimed.

Sainsbury’s Finance stated that during 2008, 716, 600 will try and transfer around £1.1 billion every month between credit cards.

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