Reduce your Winter Energy Bills

A new boiler scrappage scheme has been launched by British Gas to enable customers to reduce the amount of energy they waste.  Find out how this and other changes can reduce your winter energy bills.

It is hoped this scheme will reduce the energy bills of many, and will continue to finish what the Government scheme aimed to achieve last year.

Unlike the Governmentís cap of 125,000 boilers, British Gas has no limit, so if you apply for a new boiler by 30th June you should receive a new energy efficient boiler.

Any household is eligible to apply too, not just British Gas customers.  According to research by uSwitch, a new energy efficient boiler can save households up to £225 a year on heating bills.

The average boiler has a lifespan of 12 years, so if your boiler is on its last legs it is certainly worth investigating the British Gas scheme.

Energy saving tips

Light Bulbs
To save money on your winter energy bills you need to look at every part of your household energy consumption.  This includes changing your light bulbs to energy saving ones.

Some of the energy saving light bulbs on the market can reduce the amount of electricity you use to power them by up to 30 percent.  When you think about how many light bulbs you use in your home, this can make a considerable difference.

Smart Meter
A smart meter is certainly another good device to install in your home.  Sometimes households have no idea how much energy they are consuming at one particular time, so to have something that can show them at regular intervals just that can really ensure no energy is wasted.

There are many different types of insulation you can buy to ensure the heat you acquire stays in your house.  Loft insulation is a good example.

If you are heating your home but the heat is easily lost through the roof of your house or your walls, then this is a huge waste.  While you may have to dish out some cash to re-insulate your roof, it will be worth the money and you will probably be able to feel the difference straight away.

Light Switches
If you want to go all out on your energy saving methods then why not invest in some movement monitored light switches.

You can buy light switches that switch on only when you are in the room, so you never need to worry about leaving a light on by mistake when you are not there anymore, as the light switch will automatically turn the lights off.  If this is not for you, then act carefully when you are switching lights on in your home, and try not to leave any lights on when you are not in a room.

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