Record winter claims recorded by insurer

Car insurance provider said it saw 75 per cent more claims than usual in the first week after the new year as people returned to work and school amid the snowy weather.

Director of claims at the company Robin Reames said: “The severity of the snow this week caught many people by surprise and resulted in lots of drivers having accidents and problems with their cars.”

He added that this led to a “record number” of calls from car insurance customers to the firm needing to call upon their policies after suffering mishaps.

Normally claims are up 21 per cent in the first week after the new year, Mr Reames stated.

The firm said 90 per cent of its staff made it into the call centre in Kent to answer calls and many of them had to battle through the snow themselves to get into work.

Last month, Co-operative Insurance said that 19 per cent of car and home insurance claims take place in the first two months of the year, a situation it attributed to the winter weather.

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