RAC: Car insurance important for those driving abroad

British nationals taking their car abroad would be well advised to make sure they have the correct car insurance policy in place to cover them, the RAC has advised.

The body claims that obtaining car insurance cover for foreign journeys is as important as obtaining travel insurance.

A key benefit is that, in the event of an accident, it is much easier to handle the question of liability when the appropriate insurance is in place, a spokesman for the RAC said.

“If you crash into somebody in a foreign country and have to deal with it on your own, you could incur very high costs,” he explained, adding: “Especially from a medical point of view.”

“If you have insurance, it’s a bit like having someone to manage the whole situation for you,” he claimed.

According to RAC figures, take up of its Europe-wide cover is at an all-time high, with sales this year up around ten per cent on those of last year.

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