Purchase Credit Cards ëwith blingí

Are you on the lookout to make savings on your spending?  Then take a look at this guide on the best purchase credit cards currently on the market.

Living costs are a heavy weight on many Britsí budgets in the current economic climate, with many having to cut back on certain luxuries to afford the essentials such as food, fuel and energy.

However, savvy Brits can actually reduce these costs by using a credit card that offers cash back incentives for spending, or take advantage of the 0% interest periods offered on some credit cards on purchases, so you can put off paying for these items all at once.

A 0% period on purchases is a good offer to consider if you want to spread out your upcoming costs, as you do not get penalised for an outstanding balance until the introductory period is over, so no interest is added in this time.

Sainsburyís Credit Card

This offer from Sainsburyís Finance enables card users to benefit from 12 months 0% interest on purchases, and the same length of time for 0% interest on balance transfers.

To qualify for the credit card customers need to be over the age of 18 years old, and should remember that after the promotional period the APR representative variable rises to 15.9%, with a 3% fee for balance transfers.

Tesco Clubcard Credit Card

For consumers more interested in the 0% purchase period then this offer from Tesco cannot be beaten.  Card users can enjoy 0% on all purchases for 15 months from account opening, and 0% on balance transfers for 9 months ñ with a 2.9% fee and 16.9 % APR variable.

Whatís more, for those who shop at Tesco for food, this credit card can also be used as their clubcard and there are points available for spending- 1 point for every £4 spent anywhere.

NatWest Classic Credit Card

NatWest is also offering a competitive period of 0% interest on purchases for 13 months from account opening.  After this introductory period the annual rate for purchases (variable) rises to 17.95%.

If you are also just as keen to transfer existing balances, then this card also offers 13 months 0% interest on balance transfers.  To be eligible for the card you have to be over 18 years old and earn at least 10,000 a year.

Purchase Credit Cards

If you are tempted to take advantage of some of these attractive 0% interest periods on purchases then there are certainly some good offers available which could make a huge difference to your bank balance.

However, as with any credit card spending, it is advised you do not use this 0% period to overspend but as a means to spread out your costs as any outstanding debt you have on the card after this period receives heavy interest.

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