Professionals ‘can get bigger mortgages’

Lenders will go further for a certain group of professionals, it has been claimed.

Scottish Widows has reported that doctors, dentists and lawyers all fall into this group and will find that lenders provide more for them either on an income multiple basis or on a loan to valuation basis.

Richard Clark, head of product development and marketing at the firm, explained that professional mortgages are often 100 per cent products as providers are sure they can pay off such a large sum.

In addition to this, professionals are often lent up to five times their salary, whereas lenders would refrain from doing this with others, Mr Clark added.

“They represent a lower risk,” he said. “So it’s all about more – more in terms of how much you can borrow and more in terms of what we’ll lend you compared to your salary.”

According to the Office for National Statistics in 2001, around three-quarters of UK house purchases are funded with a mortgage.

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