Prepare for the unexpected, says expert

Avoiding debt is simply a matter of saving for the unexpected, it has been claimed.

James Falla of Thomas Charles & Co explained that even people who live within their budget can be hit by unforeseen costs such as periods of unemployment or the breakdown of a washing machine.

However, the director of the debt counselling service added that by putting a little bit of money away on a regular basis, debt can be evaded.

“People tend to say ‘We’ll just use the credit card to tide us over and when we’re back on our feet it’ll be fine’ and often that’s the start of getting into debt,” he said.

“What people can do to avoid that is to start saving for a rainy day,” Mr Falla advised.

In addition to saving, working out a manageable budget and sometimes sacrificing a computer or a holiday can help people to stay out of debt, he added.

Over half the population claim to be in either a little or a lot of debt, according to a recent YouGov poll.

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