Potential holidaymakers ‘should shop around’

People looking to get the best discount on a holiday should compare prices with a range of different travel agents, one expert has suggested.

Spokesperson for ABTA – The Travel Association Sean Tipton said it is unlikely individuals can just walk in and get a bargain because “haggling isn’t really an option”.

He remarked “Don’t necessarily think the first price you see is necessarily the best, shop around. That’s the way to get the best deal.”

Due to the travel industry being on a “fluid pricing” system based on demand, those looking for a vacation are rarely going to be able to knock down the price of a holiday, Mr Tipton added.

However, the UK travel industry is very competitive, he stated, so people might be able to find a cheaper option elsewhere.

According to a travel report by Visa Europe, one-quarter of individuals in Britain will try and negotiate a better deal when booking a getaway.

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