Poor Eyesight Could Catch Out 2.7 Million Drivers

A staggering 2.7 million motorists confessed that they would fail their driving test if they had to take it again because of poor eyesight.

The latest research, from a leading insurance firm, found that almost half of drivers admit their vision has deteriorated since they first took their test.

It may come as no surprise that 4,009 drivers were banned from the roads in 2009 due to their failing eyesight. This figure has doubled since 2006, when only 1,597 were driven off the roads by poor vision.

The research found that whilst 45% of people confessed that their eyesight has deteriorated, 43% of people said they were confident that they could pass the eyesight section of the driving test again.

42% of people also admitted to slowing down and squinting in order to read road signs. A further 28% of people even asked passengers to read road signs for them.

Mike Pickard, Head of Risk and Underwriting at esure car insurance, said; “While the number of motorists banned from driving due to poor eyesight is increasing, it’s shocking to see how many motorists have concerns about not having twenty-twenty vision but are still happy to drive.

“We urge all motorists to have their eyes examined regularly and to make sure they always wear their glasses if required whilst driving. Failing to do so could land them a hefty fine and poses a danger to both themselves and other road users.”

The average motorist waits three years before taking an eye test. However, one in ten confesses to not having an eye exam in the last ten years.

If you are a danger to others on the road, you could have your licence taken away from you. If you are involved in an accident, your insurance premiums could dramatically increase.

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